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                         Two Sewing Hearts to You


This is a story from our heart to yours 

<<< I’m David & I’m Paul >>>

 We're both from Chicopee 

You don’t know us however we followed your story on Facebook and on the news for months and saw you’re a incredible young women with strength and power and patience through a long successful process and recovery.  We have prayed for you while you were going through all this.  We are so glad everything went well through these months , and now you have a new heart and kidney. 

Paul and I our crafters and we make hot and cold herbal packs for over 13yrs now

As we kick off our monthly program of Our Sewing Hearts To Yours . We have chosen you to be our first FREE GIVEAWAY.  Just for you we have selected 


A beautiful fabric with butterflies to represent and new beginnings.  


We want you to have a set of our herbal packs to enjoy with and relax and take some of your tension and stress away.  


As I mentioned you don’t know us but we would like to meet you LAUREN MEIZO 

Of Chicopee! We want to present you with this and say hello so we can give you this gift we made JUST FOR YOU  > from our heart to yours. 


Please PM so we can deliver these to you. 


David Girard 

Paul Lavallee 

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